There are many benefits of practicing Yoga. The following are just some of the physical, emotional, and energetic benefits of doing yoga:

Body Strength and Stamina

Increased body strength and physical stamina are the most obvious benefits of practicing yoga. Regular practice strengthens the muscles and, thus increasing the muscle tone and improving our posture.


Yoga also focuses on flexibility, both in the physical and in the mental sense. A flexible body is a more comfortable place in which to live and enables us to be more resilient to the jolts and shocks of everyday life.

Reducing Everyday Aches and Pain

Repetitive movements and postures from our daily life cause many of our pains. Our modern day habits may, in many cases, be “incorrect” and lead to aches and pains, both in the physical, emotional and mental sense. By treating our body to new and ergonomically-correct activities, we can correct and compensate for other less-healthy physical habits.

Rehabilitating and Healing Injuries

Yoga used therapeutically can rehabilitate and heal problem areas. Yoga also includes opening up to "healing energy."

Stress Reduction and Relaxation

One of the most common complaints of modern life is stress. An estimated 60% to 70% of all illnesses are stress-related. Regular yoga practice reduces stress, strengthens the nervous system and thus helps prevent these stress related illnesses.

Better General Health

This age-old science improves our general health by the breathing exercises which lead to better oxygenation of the blood and cleansing of toxins. The physical exercises increase circulation and improve the function of the organs and glands, strengthen the nervous system and improve digestion and elimination. In addition, the immune system is pumped up to increase the over-all level of health and well-being.

Mental and Emotional Benefits

Yoga makes us feel good! It is an opportunity for self reflection and inner awareness, leading to a more positive outlook on life, a sense of balance, and a feeling of internal harmony. Greater mental performance and clarity gives us a clearer sense of priorities. Most importantly, our yoga practice is something that we do for ourselves. It is a personal affirmation that we are a worthwhile human being, worth spending time with, and worthy of being cared for.


Last, but certainly not least, yoga is practice of uniting with the Divine. Each of us has different ideas of the Divine. Whatever your version, yoga is a tool with which we can build a closer relationship to It, Him or Her. Yoga is a meditative practice that can help us experience God in our own way.

Life is an opportunity,
          benefit from it.
Life is beauty,
           admire it.
Life is bliss,
          taste it.
Life is a dream,
          realize it.
Life is a challenge,
          meet it.
Life is a duty,
         complete it.
Life is a game,
         play it.
Life is a promise,
         fulfill it.
Life is sorrow,
          overcome it.
Life is a song,
          sing it.
Life is a struggle,
         accept it.
Life is a tragedy,
          confront it.
Life is an adventure,
          dare it.
Life is luck,
         make it.
Life is too precious,
         do not destroy it.

Life is life,
         fight for it!